Free Impact Speaking Taster Workshop

4th November 2017 in Bath 10am-1.30pm

A completely different way to develop public speaking confidence

Bring your message alive when you speak. Weave humour into your presentations. The Impact Speaking workshop is one of the most interactive and thought provoking sessions you’ll ever experience. Clive Stocker and Tessa Kirby will prepare you and your inspiring message ready for any speaking occasion. Find out more..  about the Free Impact Speaking Taster Workshop day.

If you are looking for something a little more advanced, find out more about our Impact Speaking Advanced. We have courses at every level.

Here is what our attendees have said about our Impact Speaking Training:

“Clive and Tessa’s fabulous skill sets compliment each other exceptionally well. The course was full of practical tips as well as mental & physical preparation for making a speech. Highly recommended!”

Catherine McGuire

“A really great introduction to speaking with confidence in a variety of settings and for those fairly new to public speaking. Incorporating some of the technical structure was helpful to planning a talk. Furthermore, to really consider all the senses, mind and body would be a great recipe when giving a creative and inspirational talk. Clive and Tessa were a good combination. …thank you.”

Jazmine Wolf

When: Sat 4th November 2017 10am-1.30pm
Venue: Kensington House, London Road, Bath, BA1 6PT


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