About Tessa and Clive

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Clive Stocker, author of How to Become A Confident Performer and self professed introvert will be sharing high octane, bullet-proof strategies to get you where you want to be.
Tessa Kirby is the leading hypnotherapist and NLP master in the South West and she will be giving you the skills and techniques to make you  think in an entirely new and powerful way.
Venue: Kensington House, London Road, Bath, BA1 6PT
Contact Clive on clive@confidentperformer.co.uk for more details.

At Impact Speaking, we were tired of being held hostage at corporate presentations. We grieved for the hours we had wasted listening to uninspiring speakers, reading tiny text from painful PowerPoints. That time has gone and will never be seen again. R.I.P. We cried because our life force was nearly extinguished and then we were horrifically insulted by the untimely inappropriate ‘hard sell.’ So uncalled for.

We though we might be able to fix it with one-size-fits-all public speaking training. Sadly, not.  Should we really become Steve Jobs’ clone, or should we pretend to be Martin Luther King, reinventing the dream? We are not sure we could or even should. Enough was enough; we were ready for something new, something different and something fun. Are you ready?

When you work with us at Impact Speaking, you will always be yourself. Now is the time for authenticity and you are your brand. You have unique strengths and inspirations. We will uncover, nurture and strengthen them. We will develop you and show you how to shine in front of an audience. Think how excited they’ll be  when you move them, inspire them, challenge them and build lasting relationships. What would that be like?

Do you have a short attention span? We do and we expect you and your audience probably do too. We are not going to waste your time so we don’t muck about, unless it’s fun and its useful.

In our training sessions, we work with you, sharing a range of techniques, letting you try them for yourselves. Even those who might be fearful of public speaking find ways to deliver a fun, interactive speaking session for their audiences in a way that excites them. Just recently, we worked with a lovely girl who owns her own business. She was so nervous about speaking that she would shake uncontrollably and couldn’t even take to the stage. We shifted her fear to a healthy dose of excitement and along the way we found she had an incredible gift for running quizzes. She’s built an entire day’s worth of speaking and training and her newly uncovered, infectious enthusiasm, oozes through. Such a change, so unique and an incredible outcome. What would it feel like if you could deliver training your way and people loved it?

Clive Stocker is an experienced public speaker, teacher trainer, performing musician and author of the book “How to become a Confident Performer” He uses NLP and the latest teaching, performing techniques to make your training fun and valuable.

Tessa Kirby is an NLP master practitioner and a practicing Hypnotherapist. You are going to learn how to weave your stories and your messages in a powerful lasting way for your audience. You’ll learn how to bring your audience’s conscious mind and subconscious mind into alignment for a greater purpose.

Warning. The training will be different and you may find that you laugh a lot.

We run half day and full day training sessions in Bath and if you’d like to check out what we do, come to our free taster session on November 4th 2017 at 10am.

Visit www.impactspeaking.co.uk to find out more and book your free place.