Advanced Impact Speaking Workshop


11th November 2017 Bath 10-4pm

A completely different way to develop public speaking confidence

The AdvancedĀ Impact Speaking workshop is designed primarily as a follow on course from our Impact Speaking Workshop Day. However, if you have had some experience with public speaking already, then this course is for you. As with all of our public speaking courses, it is interactive and will keep you on your toes. Clive Stocker and Tessa Kirby will prepare you to deliver a 10 minute power talk which will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Find out more…

We will be looking at how your talk can support your overall game plan and how OST structures can make a big difference in what you do. There will be an update with the very latest update on fear busting techniques too.

Many talks often feature PowerPoint whether we like it or not. So we have a section entitled Defibrillating your PowerPoint. We will teach you how to keep it simple and enhance your message. There’ll also be a section on how to exploit amplification and radio lapel microphones. We will even throw in a section on how to manage challenging interactions.

Interested to find out more? Click below.



Venue:Ā Kensington House, London Road, Bath, BA1 6PT

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